Our Services & Pricing

Our Services & Pricing

Consultation services

We offer virtual and on-site consultations by our team of experts on all matters concerning your garden. This includes design, maintenance, plant/pest issues etc. If all you require is some professional knowledge to help you tackle your own garden then we offer two types of consultation services to assist you. Whether you need advice on tackling a large garden project on your own, tips on what plants to use, instructions on what to prune and when or specific assistance with ongoing maintenance, then we are delighted to offer you a guiding hand to set you on the right path. We can either do a walk-around consultation with you at the property or, thanks to modern technology; we can now offer a video consultation from our office for a reduced fee.

Terms and Costs:

Our teams are full of horticultural specialists and throughout the company we have staff with further specialist training. We also have a wealth of experience and all of us are passionate about looking after gardens in the organic way. There may be a small reflection in price for the use of totally organic and biodynamic products (the ONLY products we will consider using). The positive side of this, however, is that you, your families, your environment, your neighbourhood, and, your planet... don’t “pay a price” for the work we are doing using these methods.

Our regular garden maintenance rates varies between £26.00 – £35.00 + VAT per man-hour. Minimum visit charge £84.00
Green waste removal £5 + VAT per small bag and £20 + VAT per large bag.
Landscaping labour rate £280 + VAT per man-day.
Design prices are very flexible, they depend on size of the garden and technical complication. Prices start from £150 + VAT.
On site consultation £75 + VAT per hour or video consultation £35 + VAT per hour.
We accept the following forms of payments: cheques, transfers, and cash.

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